Nov 16, 2007

Culligan of Tucson Wins ‘Innovative Product' Award

Culligan Water of Tucson, Ariz., recently received the ‘Most Innovative Product' award for the Smart Sensor water softener product series at the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association (SAHBA) Home & Garden Show.

The SAHBA Show, Arizona's largest home show held Oct. 12 to 14 at the Tucson Convention Center, was attended by approximately 450 merchants who gathered to showcase the latest in home improvement and indoor/outdoor living ideas. Featured by Culligan of Tucson, was the award-winning Smart-Sensor series water softener, which improves efficiency and simplifies maintenance. The Smart-Sensor’s components work for water softeners on several levels to automate processes while saving salt, water, electricity and associated costs.

"We are honored to receive SAHBA's ‘Most Innovative Product' award, especially during a time when saving energy is so critical," said Al Zaragoza, sales manager for Culligan of Tucson. "With Culligan's Smart-Sensor series, owning and maintaining a water softener is now easier and more efficient than ever before."

Culligan's Smart-Sensor technology includes the patented Aqua-Sensor, Soft-Minder Meter and AccuSoft Plus circuit board. Culligan's enhanced Aqua-Sensor, an advanced digital probe inside the water softener, continuously monitors water chemistry and intuitively adjusts to changes in water hardness to ensure optimal performance. The Soft-Minder Meter, a state-of-the-art demand regeneration meter, continuously monitors and adjusts to accommodate fluctuations in water consumption. The AccuSoft Plus Circuit Board alerts users when service is required and reminds them to check salt levels. These alerts are documented on an easy-to-read backlit display, providing users with added assurance that their water softener is working properly.

Demonstrated at the October SAHBA Home & Garden Show, the Smart-Sensor series water softener is ideal for any size home. Compatible with higher-flowing plumbing systems, the Smart-Sensor series can treat larger quantities of water in less time. Smaller commercial establishments, especially restaurants, salons and spas, can benefit by saving costs and enhance the customer experience. Soft water prevents scale build-up, which protects appliances and equipment, decreases water heating costs, saves money on soaps and cleaning products, saves time when cleaning, eliminates hard water marks, produces spot-free dishes and leaves hair and skin softer and shinier.

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