CST Storage Achieves Certification from Canadian Welding Bureau

Parsons, Kan. manufacturing facility approved to provide certified welded structures to Canada

CST Storage Canadian Welding Bureau

Effective Jan. 10, 2013, CST Storage in Parsons, Kan. achieved its certification by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), allowing it to provide welded structures in Canada that are certified to meet Level 2 of the Canadian welding code.

“This is a great achievement and opportunity for CST Storage to expand our portfolio in Canada. We are truly excited to be one of a select group of American companies that are certified to provide tanks and storage structures that meet Canadian welding standards for use in dry bulk, water, wastewater and other industrial and municipal projects throughout the country,” said Steve Allen, vice president of operations for CST Storage. “We are also proud of the employees of CST Storage who worked through training and passed both written and practical examinations to affirm their welding expertise. Without their hard work, the certification would not have been possible.”

The CWB certification is awarded individually on a plant-by-plant basis and the certification process requires several steps. First, a facility must develop and submit a series of welding procedures, subject to approval by the CWB. Next, formalized qualification for welding supervisors must be met, and employees must undergo several days of training. Written examinations are delivered onsite by a CWB representative. Once written examinations are evaluated, qualifying team members are subject to an audit conducted by the CWB representative—a physical examination of welds and weld joints. Finally, upon completion and passing of this examination, the facility will be awarded its CWB certification.

“The average manufacturing facility working toward its CWB certification works through the process of training and evaluation usually over a period of six months. To their great credit, the employees of CST Storage in Parsons trained and achieved the certification in just 13 weeks,” said Alan Blackman, quality control director for CST Storage.

The Parsons manufacturing facility of CST Storage is subject to six monthly surveillance visits by a CWB representative to reassess that the welding work continues to code, followed by annual recertifications.

CST Storage

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