CSA Intl. Announces New Certification Program for Drinking Water Treatment Systems

Program will assist manufacturers in demonstrating compliance to the new 2009 Canadian Building Code and Quebec Plumbing Code

CSA Intl., a leading certification and testing organization, has announced a newly created program to test and certify products to the requirements of the new CAN/CSA B483 Drinking Water Treatment Systems standard. This certification program will be available to assist manufacturers in demonstrating compliance to the new 2009 Canadian Building Code and the new Quebec Plumbing Code, which reference the CSA B483 standard.

"CSA Intl. holds the number one market share in plumbing certification in the U.S. and Canada and we have more than 30 years of expertise in this product area," said Randall W. Luecke, president, CSA Intl. "This new program extends our service offering portfolio and provides plumbing manufacturers with the CSA Intl. expertise they have come to rely on as they look to demonstrate compliance to plumbing standards for drinking water treatment components and complete systems."

Examples of new product certification offerings include water softener units, drinking fountains, under-counter drinking water dispensing systems, plumbing fittings with integral water filtration systems, point-of-entry plumbed systems, household refrigerators with water filtration dispensers and other similar devices. In order to minimize redundant testing, CSA Intl. will also recognize testing data for components independently certified by an accredited certification organization to the NSF/ANSI Drinking Water Treatment Units Standards as appropriate.

For more information, visit www.csa-international.org.

CSA Intl.

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