Dec 20, 2021

Controlled Conveyance Through Manholes


RELINER/Duran Inc.


Reliner/Duran Inc. provides a full range of products specifically developed to provide efficient, controlled conveyance of flow through manholes. Reliner Inside Drop Bowls capture inflow and convey it directly to the invert channel though the drop pipe.

Drop Bowls are available with outlets ranging from 4 to 24 inches and are available to fit most round and flat walled structures. Force line hoods are available for high velocity inlets. Reliner stainless pipe support brackets securely fasten drop pipes or any other pipes to structure walls.

Available in type 304 or type 316 stainless, they are non-corrosive and adjustable to align the drop pipe properly to the Drop Bowl. Reliner modular manhole invert channels are made from marine grade fiberglass providing a consistent cross-sectional area with high flow capacity for efficient conveyance through the manhole. Flow from elevated inlets causes odors, H2S release and structure erosion.

Inside manhole drops are advantageous because they are simple to maintain and cost effective to install.

By using an inside drop for all elevated inlets and service connections, influent is efficiently conveyed to the invert channel and released in the flow direction.

The accumulation of solids on the manhole bench is eliminated and solids and liquids remain together. Smooth manhole invert channels improve flow capacity, reducing the occurrence of system backups and standing sewage within the manhole.

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