Apr 06, 2001

Conservation Bill Introduced for California Residents

The Grundfos Pumps Corp., a global manufacturer of pumps, has hailed the introduction of Assembly Bill 813 in the California State Assembly that provides tax credits for Golden State residents who install hot water recirculating (HWR) systems in their homes. The bill, introduced by Assistant Assembly Republican Leader Mike Briggs, promotes water conservation while providing comfort to homeowners and fiscal relief to municipalities.
The average homeowner in California wastes an average of more than 16,500 gallons of water each year waiting for hot water to flow to sinks, showers and tubs. The gallons of wasted water that run down the drain, known as "gray water," must be processed by municipal wastewater treatment systems and other infrastructures, costing millions of dollars to communities and placing a demand on state water tables.
HWR systems provide hot water on demand, providing a cost-effective means to reduce burdens on municipal resources and strong support for growing populations.
"This landmark legislation is a home run for California and all of those who believe in saving our state’s water supply," said Jerry Cook, a member of the Grundfos Board of Directors.
The bill offers tax credit to Californians who install an HWR system in a new home or as an addition or renovation of a preexisting structure.
Briggs, whose district includes Grundfos’ North American headquarters in Fresno, is a member of a special Assembly Committee on Energy Costs and Availability and has introduced legislation in special session in hopes of easing California’s energy crisis. HWR systems, he noted, use less energy than a typical lightbulb.
"My bill is a win-win situation for consumers and municipalities," Briggs said. "Consumers should not have to wait seconds, even minutes, to get hot water, and municipalities are wasting money treating water that goes down the drain. A more prudent direction would be to issue a tax credit to residents who install a hot water recirculating system."