Toray Membrane USA, Inc.

Toray, a membrane manufacturer for water and wastewater treatment and other liquid separation needs, offers a fully integrated line of membrane solutions including spiral-wound RO, NF, UF membrane elements and hollow-fiber MF/UF modules and Membrane Bioreactors. Toray uses state-of-the-art automated manufacturing to deliver consistent product quality and performance. Central operations including manufacturing is located in Poway, California. A secondary location that manufactures CSM brand elements is located in Anaheim, California. Please visit for more information.


13435 Danielson Street
Poway, CA 92064
United States
Phone: 858-218-2360
Fax: 8582182380

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Membranes, Microfiltration; Membranes, Nanofiltration; Membranes, Reverse Osmosis; Membranes, Ultrafiltration

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