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Swan Analytical USA supplies online continuous monitoring analytical instruments for raw and potable water. Measurements include conductivity, pH/ORP, phosphate, nitrate, ammonium, chlorine, bromine, fluoride, SAC 254 and turbidity. Swan’s analyzers deliver high precision readings, SCADA-ready communications, control outputs and low maintenance operation.


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Wheeling, IL 60090
United States
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swan phosphate analyzer

Phosphate Analyzer Helps Control Soluble Lead

Corrosion in water distribution systems can impact consumers’ health, costs and the aesthetics of finished water. Older systems may include lead-based solders that must...

Multiple Parameters, One Panel

The Swan AMI Dist Series distribution monitor line offers three options for measuring chlorine, pH, conductivity and turbidity on one easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain...

Reagentless Chlorine Measurement Reduces Maintenance

Managing chlorine residuals can be one of the most challenging aspects of ensuring quality at a water treatment plant. Different techniques and analyzers provide a...

Combined Analyzer Outputs Provide More Complete Picture

Water treatment chemistry can be complex. Knowing how multiple factors in any treatment system work together can be the difference between great water and a world of...

Chlorine Analyzer Helps Determine Appropriate Disinfectant Dosing

Many utilities find it useful to go beyond basic requirements for monitoring free chlorine residual. Monitoring the free chlorine, monochloramine and total chlorine...

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