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PAX Water Technologies provides innovative tools for maintaining high drinking water quality in the distribution system. From active mixing to disinfection byproduct removal and disinfectant control, PAX Water’s products help engineers and operators solve difficult water quality issues and achieve Stage 2 D/DBP Rule compliance. PAX Water’s flagship product, an active mixer for storage tanks, provides the industry’s best mixing performance and comes in a range of sizes to help support each utility’s water quality goals.


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TRS20 Series
Mixing Eliminates Thermal Stratification in Water Tanks
Aeration for Stage 2 DBP Compliance

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two welded steel tanks

Active Mixing & Ventilation Provide Efficient THM Removal for California Utility

In the summer of 2014, Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) in California was facing a trihalomethane (THM) crisis. Drought across the western United States had led to...
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UGSI Solutions Acquires PAX Water Technologies

UGSI Solutions Inc. announced the acquisition of PAX Water Technologies. PAX Water has developed and commercialized potable water tank mixing solutions, as well as...

Residual Recharge

Like many municipalities in urban and suburban areas, San Bruno, Calif.’s source water comes both from its own groundwater supply and through a purchase agreement with a...

Residual Recharge

Above: Free ammonia data taken with the RCS off (in orange) and on (in blue)  Like many municipalities in urban and suburban areas, San Bruno, Calif.’s source...

Automated Disinfectant Boosting System Includes Active Mixing

The PAX Residual Control System (RCS) is a smart and automated disinfectant boosting system for water storage tanks and key locations in the water distribution system....

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