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Apr 22 2019
Learn how floating mixers from Medora Corp. can save aeration energy in partial mix wastewater pond systems—30 to 50 hp per deployed wastewater mixer…
Feb 27 2019
Medora Corp.'s ResidualHQ automated disinfectant control is a continuous residual monitoring and disinfectant delivery platform for both chlorine and…
Jun 11 2018
Learn basic characteristics of wastewater lagoons and how GridBee and SolarBee lagoon mixers can help improve your treatment and overall water…
Apr 17 2018
Learn how GridBee AP Series equipment can mix your equalization basin effectively and at a low energy cost. How much can be saved? The project…
Dec 13 2017
Learn why THMs in your potable water system are a problem and how to solve it with GridBee SN Series THM and VOC removal systems from Medora Corp.…

Medora Corp.

Medora Corp., whose brands include GridBee and SolarBee, provides solutions for difficult water quality problems. Medora’s award-winning and patented long-distance circulation technology prevents and controls blue-green algae in lakes, raw water reservoirs and storm water ponds; saves energy, improves process and controls odor in wastewater; and completely mixes potable water tanks, eliminating stagnation and thermal stratification. Medora also provides THM removal and disinfectant boost solutions in potable water.


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