Mazzei Injector Company, LLC

Mazzei, a leader in the design and manufacture of fluid mixing and contacting technologies, provides systems and components for ozone, aeration and chemical treatment for the industrial and rural and urban municipal water and wastewater sectors. Aeration and ozonation are complicated procedures, but Mazzei patented technologies make these processes easier, more efficient, less expensive and more reliable. Multiphase flow modeling is used to design, analyze and optimize Mazzei individual products as well as multi-component contacting systems. Turn-key systems are available in compact designs for rent or purchase. Whatever you need… Mazzei has a solution to your water and wastewater problems.


500 Rooster Drive
Bakersfield, CA 93307
United States
Phone: 661.363.6500
Fax: 661.363.7500

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Aeration; Mixers, Mixing Equipment & Agitators; Wastewater Treatment; Water Treatment; Ozone

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