Maid Labs Technologies Inc.

Maid Labs Technologies creates high accuracy flow data & diagnostic instruments and software, which reduce operational costs of pump stations. Maid Labs products detect multiple collection system problems that can eat into an operational budget without anyone knowing about it. Maid Labs offer solutions to reduce the cost of operating even some trouble-free pump stations. With Maid Labs, wastewater pump stations can be designed more precisely for their present and future needs, there are indicators showing when equipment is reaching the end of its useful life, maintenance staff are aware of problems while the repairs are less expensive to perform, and flow studies are part of the day-to-day information required to plan the deployment of the human resources and upcoming projects.


944 André-Liné
Granby, PQ J2J 1E2
Toll-free: 855-875-2144
Phone: 450-375-2144

Product Categories

Data, Loggers; Data, SCADA; Flowmeters; Monitoring Systems; SCADA

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