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Kurz offers mass flow transmitters for industrial gas flow measurement. In the water and waste water industry our products are used in applications such as digester gas monitoring, header air flow monitoring, aeration air control and chlorine gas injection monitoring. Kurz has 4 decades of experience in providing flow metering solutions to solve our customers’ most challenging problems.


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Monterey, CA 93940
United States
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Thermal Flowmeter Technology Provides Accurate Digester Flow Measurements

Developing accurate flow rate data allows wastewater treatment facilities to more precisely manage digester production levels, enabling tighter controls on methane...

Thermal Mass Flowmeter Provides Cost Effective Solution for Digester Flow Measurement

The San Leandro Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in 1939 to support about 14,000 residents. Today the plant, with its design capacity of 33 million gal per day...

Wet Gas Flowmeter Monitors Digester Gas

Kurz Instruments has developed a wet gas thermal flowmeter for use in condensing gas environments. The 454FTB-WGF provides reliable biogas flow measurements regardless...

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