Ixom Watercare is now comprised of two business units: MIEX® - magnetic ion exchange processes and solutions and Watercare Innovations, a total water management solutions provider.
The MIEX® process is a proven solution for water treatment plants to decrease Disinfection By-Product formation by reducing Dissolved Organic Carbon levels and total oxidant demand while lowering total net operational costs. MIEX® Treatment Systems have a small process footprint, low headloss, very low waste volumes and are not subject to chromatographic peaking, allowing ion exchange to be used in a wide variety of applications.
Watercare Innovations provides services to get you water where you need it, how you need it and for a cost that you can afford. We provide a full range of services including Laboratory testing, process and flow sheet development, comprehensive equipment and technology supply, chemical and IX screening, ongoing O&M support, Plant audits, process analysis, optimization and upgrades, operator training, chemicals, parts and consumables management and supply ,and service agreements.

Ixom Watercare, Inc., based in Denver, CO is a subsidiary of Ixom, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.


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