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Jan 9 2019
Crystal-X liquid waterproofing admixture for concrete forms millions of fine crystalline fibers that fill concrete's capillary pores and micro-cracks…
Case Studies
Jan 3 2019
In 2000, one of the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District’s major sewer structures, the Maline Drop Shaft, had been so severely degraded by…
Case Studies
Dec 22 2018
The city of Westlake, Ohio, got an interesting ‘wake up call’ in 2006 when a sanitary sewer interceptor line in nearby city of Lorain failed…
Aug 9 2017
To prevent sewer overflows, the Sanitary District of Hammond, Ind., installed new detention ponds in one of its wastewater treatment plants. It…

ConShield Technologies Inc.

Unlike coatings and plastic liners, ConShield cannot chip, peel, delaminate, pinhole or wash off since it molecularly bonds throughout the entire thickness, continually inhibiting growth for sustained protection.


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