BCR Environmental / NuTerra Management

BCR Environmental Corporation (BCR) is a U.S.-based developer of innovative, scalable, economical, and environmentally advantageous wastewater treatment and conversion technologies. BCR’s patented solutions—CleanB™, CleanB-AC™ and Neutralizer®—are the first EPA-approved technologies for binding nutrients into and reducing biosolid mass for the creation and beneficial reuse of high-quality marketable end products. Filling a centuries-old gap left by traditional technologies, BCR technologies simplify and enhance disinfection, stabilization, deodorization and reduction of biosolid and organic waste mass. In addition, they reduce energy consumption by approximately 95 percent and eliminate nutrient pollution by keeping nutrients in the biosolids. By reducing the facility size needed for wastewater treatment and organic waste/biosolids management, BCR technologies help eliminate the need for costly plant expansions to meet increasing demand, and allow existing plants to repurpose tanks for storm water run-off, reuse water storage and other environmentally beneficial practices. For more information, visit www.bcrenv.com, follow us on Twitter @BCRenv or call 904-819-9170.


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