Controller Reduces Nutrient Return & Improves Energy Efficiency

System reduces operating costs & limits capital expenses

Controller Reduces Nutrient Return & Improves Energy Efficiency

Faced with rising operating costs due to increasing energy and chemical prices as well as stricter effluent permit limits, many operators and engineers are turning to sensors and automation to enhance treatment performance and reduce operating costs while limiting capital expenses.

Water Agency Officials Charged for Burying Hazardous Waste and Corruption

Five former and current employees charged from Panoche Water District in California

Five California water agency officials charged with corruption and dumping waste

Five former and current employees of the Panoche Water District in California have been charged by California’s attorney general on charges of illegally burying barrels of hazardous waste and using public funds for personal purchases.

Bio-digestion Systems Offer Improved Soil Management

Unison of soil management and wastewater recovery improves sustainability

Bio-digestion systems offer improved soil management through wastewater recovery

Lystek Intl., a company that designs and creates waste treatment systems, are utilizing their own thermal hydrolysis systems in order to reduce cost, shrink volume and cut greenhouse gases.

Software Gets Data Flowing for Water District

SCADA system brings numerous improvements

SCADA system brings numerous improvements
SCADA system brings numerous improvements

Replacing a full supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system is a big undertaking, and for Western Municipal Water District, Ignition by Inductive Automation was the suitable choice. Ignition is an industrial application platform with a variety of tools for building solutions in SCADA, human-machine interface and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Orange County Honored with Guinness World Record for Recycled Water

100 million gal of wastewater was converted into potable water over 24 hours

Orange County Groundwater Replenishment System awarded Guinness World Record

In celebration of the groundwater system’s 10th anniversary, the Orange County Groundwater Replenishment System successfully converted more than 100 million gal of wastewater into potable water over 24 hours. The system was subsequently awarded the Guinness World Record for the achievement.

H2Oil & Gas Successfully Delivers Produced Water Treatment Package

The package successfully removes oil from industrial water

H2Oil & Gas successfully delivers produced water treatment package

H2Oil & Gas, an Aquarion Group company, has completed a contract to design and supply equipment for a produced water treatment plant in Malaysia.

Destroying Microorganisms With a UV Disinfection Barrier

Illinois city uses UV technology to combat Cryptosporidium

Illinois city uses UV technology to combat Cryptosporidium
Moline, Ill., water treatment facility

The city of Moline, Ill., is located in the heart of the Midwest, tucked between the banks of the Mississippi and Rock rivers. Moline is one of four cities that make up the Quad Cities, which also include Rock Island, Ill., Bettendorf, Iowa, and Davenport, Iowa.

3M Settles Water Pollution Suit With Minnesota for $850 Million

The state originally sought $5 billion in damages from the company

Minnesota has settled with 3M for $850 million in water pollution lawsuit

On Feb. 20, 2018, Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson announced a settlement reached between the state and 3M for $850 million. The lawsuit resulted from the company’s water pollution by perfluorochemicals (PFCs) in several suburbs outside Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn. 

New Low Cost Method Removes Widely-used Anxiety Drug from Wastewater

Diazepam is used worldwide and is a member of the benzodiapezine drug group

New method effectively removes anxiety drug from wastewater

Researchers at the University of Johannesburg have developed a new method to effectively remove the anxiety drug Diazepam from recycled water and wastewater. The process utilizes titanium dioxide to remove eradicate the drug, a substance that usually bypasses usual methods wastewater treatment.

According to lead researcher Vinod Kumar Gupta, this new process offers a low cost alternative to methods that are usually expensive and difficult.

Historic Town Remedies FOG Problem

Severe clogging issues eliminated by new pumping equipment

MultiSmart Control Panel simplifies control of Flygt N-Pump’s advanced features
Winch hoisting pump in wet well for inspection
Maintenance crew is pleased with pump condition after six months of operation

Branford, Conn., was first settled in mid-1644 as part of the New Haven Colony and officially renamed in 1653 after the town of Brentford, England. Branford owns and operates the Water Pollution Control Facility on Block Island Road. The facility collects sewage from about 100 miles of sewers and 50 pump stations in Branford, as well as sewage from a portion of North Branford.