50Hz 60Hz Converter Inc

Since the frequency converter is of 8KVA , 220V, 26 Amps, 50 Hz and the converter has a transformer of 3 KVA , 380/220 V for primary and 70 V secondary, 50 Hz to 400 Hz rating. The 380 V terminals are meant for test supply. I would like to know if I don't get a transformer of suitable rating and instead of that power up the frequency converter through a simple breaker module which can supply a load of 15 to 20 Amps (380V, 50Hz), supply, will it suffice or not. For 50Hz frequency converter, we could apply 25 microns thin amorphous steel core. Too many types of magnetic materials can be used. We produced composite magnetic core consisting of both ferrite plus amorphous steel.


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