Case Studies

Thermal Flowmeter Technology Provides Accurate Digester Flow Measurements

Developing accurate flow rate data allows wastewater treatment facilities to more precisely manage digester production levels, enabling tighter controls on methane levels and flaring. This can make facilities more efficient in meeting peak flow and load conditions, which vary based on population changes or wastewater sources.

It is also important to monitor the gas coming out of the digester to ensure the digester health levels are optimally maintained and that greenhouse gas emissions can be accurately reported.

Thermal Mass Flowmeter Provides Cost Effective Solution for Digester Flow Measurement

The San Leandro Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in 1939 to support about 14,000 residents. Today the plant, with its design capacity of 33 million gal per day (mgd), supports 85,000 residents and includes farms and commercial industries among its thousands of businesses. The plant is undergoing major reconstruction to modernize processes for its average influent flow of 5 mgd, while supporting spikes up to 23 mgd.