White Papers

Screening Considerations—A Guide to Selection

It can be argued that the head works might be the most critical place in a wastewater treatment plant; what happens there greatly influences the downstream process. This paper shares Huber’s findings of 30 years. It consists of Huber's practical experience in design, manufacture, installation, service and operation with a variety of fine screens.

Inline Sludge Screens: Municipal and Industrial Applications

Even where fine screens are installed in the headworks of wastewater treatment plants, some debris will always end up in the sludge. Plastic parts and fibrous materials can severely disturb the operation of thickeners, digesters and dryers. Such solids impair the operation of pumps, heat exchangers, mixers, dewatering systems, pelletizers, etc. Hair and fibers often lead to the formation of tresses and grease balls. Where biosolids are land applied, plastic parts should be removed.