White Papers

Reduce Energy Costs in Compressed Air Systems by Up to 60%

In order to survive in a tough competitive environment, many companies are searching for ways to realize savings in their production. Such savings can often be found in their existing compressed air systems, which have often been in place for years. Up to 60% of energy costs can be saved through optimization at both the production facility and system level. However, companies can only achieve this target by considering the compressed air system as a whole.

Remote Diagnostics Will Reduce Service Costs and Increase Uptime of Filtration Systems

Productivity is more reliable when equipment can be monitored to detect incipient failures and take corrective action before the plant goes down. But many devices—such as analog control valves, pneumatic valve terminals and field sensors—do not offer diagnostic feedback, or it is not being used. This white paper describes how this problem is being addressed and includes an example of pneumatic valve terminals that can monitor, among other things, open load or coil currents at the specific valve and pressure inside the valve terminal.

Automation Solutions for Fixed-Bed Filters

Handwheel or automated process valve? The worldwide trend is clearly moving towards automation because it reduces energy and water consumption—especially rinsing water—and increases plant availability. Pneumatic automation of a fixed-bed filter is a good example of this.