Festo online technical support community

Festo Launches Online Technical Support Community

Festo announced the U.S. and Canadian launch of the Festo Support Community, a global Festo users forum. Community members can post a question 24/7 or answer an already posted question. Hundreds of questions and answers are already on the site, and members can search the forum by topic. 

Festo Regional Service Center

Festo to Build Ohio Assembly, Distribution Center

Festo announced that it will build a product assembly and distribution center in Mason, Ohio, about 20 miles northeast of Cincinnati along the I-71 technology corridor. The new Festo Regional Service Center, which is scheduled to open in 2015, will double as a facility serving U.S., Canadian and Mexican customers and as a showplace of Festo automation solutions. Festo U.S. headquarters will remain on Long Island.


Festo Offers 40-Bar Servo-Controlled Solenoid Valve

Festo has introduced the solenoid valve VZWP, which features a piston seal instead of a diaphragm seal and a maximum operation pressure of 40 bar. It can be used as a process valve for water, air and neutral media.

The use of a sealing piston instead of a diaphragm means that even high pressures can be controlled with a large nominal diameter. The valve closes automatically if power is lost.


Festo Introduces Heavy Duty Angle-Seat Valve

Festo has introduced the VZXF line of angle-seat valves. These new valves are equally suitable for gaseous and fluid applications, and are ideal for control of media flows, whether contaminated or highly viscous, at up to 600 sq mm per second. A VZXF unit is insensitive to contamination because it does not have small-diameter control apertures.


Festo Introduces Directly Operated Solenoid Valve

Festo has introduced the solenoid valve VZWD, which can switch at any pressure from 0 to 90 bar without differential pressure—even in closed media circuits. This new valve is ideal for high-pressure and dosing applications. It can be operated with water, air and neutral media.


Festo Introduces Water Treatment Automation Solution

The Festo CECC is the first mini controller with IO-Link master and CoDeSys V3 for the water treatment industry. The CECC controller is designed to reduce installation times, simplify programming and enable fast and cost-effective control of sensors and valve actuators—either electric or pneumatic.


Festo Offers Control Platform for Water Treatment

Festo is now offering a modular and scalable control system that is designed to speed up water treatment control-system renovation and new installations. It offers considerable labor savings and operational benefits.


Festo Offers Force Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve

Festo has introduced the VZWF, a force pilot operated solenoid valve that can be used with water, air and neutral media. This new valve utilizes relatively small solenoids to control high pressures with large nominal diameters. The units can switch at pressures as low as 0 bar and close automatically in the case of a pressure loss in the circuit. Additionally, they can be applied in closed media circuits.


Pneumatics Help Cut Costs at German Treatment Plant

The wastewater treatment plant in Sindelfingen, near Stuttgart, treats wastewater for 250,000 residents. The process valves with their pneumatic valve actuators DLP and DRD from Festo are distributed throughout the entire plant, sometimes in locations that are not easily accessible.


Festo Now Offering Energy Self-Sufficient Automation Solution for Water Technology

Festo has developed a storm water holding tank solution that is energy self-sufficient. Solar and wind energy drive the gate valves of storm water holding tanks, most of which are located in areas without a normal power supply. Operators no longer have to open and close the valves manually to drain the stored water, thus saving valuable time and money.