White Papers

Smart Diagnostic Data Monitoring Provides Predictive Maintenance for Analyzer Sensors & Systems

Today’s municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment processes are today under continuous pressure to provide 24/7 uptime, an excellent-quality product and the lowest possible cost. At the same time, the environmental quality standards for clean water, water treatment and water reuse continue to tighten in order to provide the best product possible in terms of water cleanliness, quality and conservation. Process, instrument and plant engineers are now tasked with ever-increasing regulatory and reporting requirements at the local, state, federal and international levels.

Turbidity Monitoring in Water Treatment Filter Backwashing Applications

Filter backwashing is a critical part of the drinking water production process. During backwashing, water flow is reversed and increased in order to flush out debris and particles. The precise, low-maintenance Triton TR8 Turbidity Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is ideal for monitoring turbidity in filter backwashing systems, optimizing drinking water plant efficiency.

Chlorination of Reclaimed Water

In the current economic climate, with tight municipal water treatment budgets, the cost of maintaining chlorine analyzers that operate accurately and reliably is a constant concern. The expense of analyzer consumable supplies and their replacement by technicians drains dollars and staff time away from other critical tasks. Responding to these issues, one analyzer manufacturer has developed an innovative approach that improves measurement accuracy while reducing the cost of maintenance and supplies.