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Loving Longer Life

Sour gas and sour water are terms used to describe gas and water containing significant amounts of hydrogen sulfide. Sour water and sour gas applications abound at oil refineries and natural gas plants. The “sweetening” of gas and water refers to the processes used to remove hydrogen sulfide and organosulfide compounds. Hydrodesulfurization is a method of sulfur removal employed at refineries and natural gas plants.

Amperometric Analyzer Solves Wastewater Dechlorination Problem at LNG Terminal

An international oil and gas company that operates a liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal on Italy’s Adriatic Sea coast recently encountered a problem with its wastewater treatment process. Before the water is released back into the Adriatic Sea after its use at the terminal’s operations, it must be treated to ensure it is safe and will not harm or pollute the environment.

Coastal LNG terminals and processing facilities require a significant amount of water for use in their operations. The water is typically drawn from rivers or the sea and is used as: