Bilfinger Water Technologies

Passavant-Geiger Group Renames Group of Companies

The Passavant-Geiger Group will continue its international growth under the new name "Bilfinger Water Technologies.” The company also acquired Johnson Screens at the beginning of 2013.

Case Studies

Cleaning Up the Keys

Ernest Hemingway, a former resident of the Florida Keys, knew he was living in paradise when he wrote, "It’s the best place I’ve ever been anytime, anywhere–flowers, tamarind trees, guava trees, coconut palms.”

Today, more than 3 million visitors come to the Keys each year to enjoy the beauty and lifestyle that Hemingway found so appealing. Tourism is the No. 1 industry on the archipelago. Visitors come for sun, scuba, sailing and scenery. Many visitors become permanent residents.

Case Studies

Changing Viewpoints

Public works veteran learns to embrace vacuum sewer systems You could forgive Robert Holland for being skeptical about vacuum sewer technology in 2007. A veteran with 34 years in the utilities business, he had no experience with them. Like many utilities directors, he had spent his career working on gravity systems. To him, gravity was easy to understand; vacuum technology seemed complicated.

Case Studies

Vacuum Sewer Revolution

Vacuum sewers provide a low-maintenance solution for a Florida utility Public utilities face expensive choices. They often manage enormous budgets and make multimillion-dollar decisions. A good choice will serve their customers well for decades, maybe even generations. A poor choice will waste money and create recurring headaches for years.

Case Studies

Modern Vacuum Sewers Deliver Low Costs

Vacuum sewer system helps a Florida town keep operations and maintenance costs to a minimum “Out of sight, out of mind” is a phrase often used when discussing sewers. That may be true for homeowners, but not for public works directors.

Case Studies

Albuquerque Acts Fast to Clean Up Groundwater

Vacuum sewer technology helps city solve contamination in area with a high water table Think of Albuquerque, N.M., and images of spectacular western panoramas and Native American culture come to mind. Located in the Rio Grande Valley, the city is known for its Southwestern art and the annual International Balloon Fiesta, when hundreds of hot air balloons gracefully drift across the New Mexico sky.

Case Studies

Storm-Proof Sewers

Florida community learns lessons during hurricanes of 2004 The citizens of central Florida will never forget 2004. Within a six-week period three major hurricanes hit the peninsula. The storms left a trail of wrecked homes, flooded neighborhoods and tens of thousands of displaced people.

Case Studies

Tiny Alloway Township Saves Big With Vacuum Sewers

No one will ever mistake Alloway, N.J., for New York or Philadelphia. Alloway is a tiny town (population 2,500) located in the southwest part of the state just a few miles from the Delaware River. Yet, Alloway has something that even major cities can only dream of: a state-of-the-art sewer system that is low maintenance and environmentally sound.

Case Studies

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum technology saves time and money, and meets town’s goal of environmental stewardship No two public works projects are alike. However, there are certain profiles that are repeated, especially in similar geographic areas.

Case Studies

Vacuum Value

Hooper, Utah, opts for vacuum sewer system to solve urgent sewage problems For more than 150 years, Hooper, Utah, was a small, unremarkable rural community near the eastern shore of the Great Salt Lake. It was much like many western settlements: friendly neighbors, plenty of space and limited local infrastructure.

Case Studies

Coastal Community Convinced About Vacuum Sewers

Vacuum sewer system proves to be an excellent investment for a South Carolina community
The relationship between cost and value is usually very predictable. The quality of a product or service typically increases with the price. You get what you pay for, as the old saying goes.