Industry News

McElroy Fusion Machine Selected for Desert Water Line Project

McElroy’s MegaMc 1600 fusion machine was selected to fuse pipe in support of drought mitigation activities being undertaken by the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation. As a part of an ongoing initiative to preserve water resources during the west’s ongoing and historic drought, Reclamation is updating aged infrastructure to be able to achieve greater efficiency out of its water delivery systems.   

McElroy Adds Fortiline to Pipe Fusion Machine Distributor Network

McElroy, a manufacturer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe fusion equipment, added Fortiline Waterworks to its network of distributors.

Fortiline, headquartered in Concord, N.C., is one of the largest distributors of underground utility products in the U.S. It will now be selling and servicing McElroy fusion equipment and providing operator training to customers throughout the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

McElroy Releases Company’s Largest Pipe Fusion Machine

The release of the TracStar 1200 brings the largest pipe fusion capability to date in McElroy’s line of self-propelled, track-mounted fusion machines.

McElroy Names New Rental Partner

McElroy announced the addition of a new rental partner, Morain Sales & Service, that will serve as a rental house offering a full line of polypropylene pipe fusion products.

McElroy designs equipment to fit the increasing demands for durable, fusible pipe systems. The Mineral Ridge, Ohio-based company will rent fusion tools and accessories primarily to McElroy’s polypropylene distributors in the U.S.

McElroy Opens India Office

McElroy has opened an office and demonstration facility in Bangalore, India, devoted to sales, rentals and technical service.

“We see a tremendous need in India for better infrastructure to help grow its economy and improve its citizens’ daily lives,” said Peggy Tanner, executive vice president of international market development at McElroy. “It’s very exciting to play a role in helping shape a better future for such an important and emerging part of the world.”

McElroy Launches QuickCamp System

Pipeline projects can be delayed significantly or completely shut down by severe weather. But those obstacles can be overcome with McElroy’s new QuickCamp System.

McElroy Adds African Distributor

McElroy announced the addition of a new distributor that will sell and service the company’s range of fusion machines in Northern Africa.

The distributor is Soudure Plastique of Casablanca, Morocco, a company specializing in polyethylene pipe equipment and electrofusion machines used in the gas and water industry.

McElroy Adds New Distributors

McElroy added three new distributors that will serve domestic and international customers from East to West.

The new distributors are R & B Co. of San Jose, Calif.; Miami Intl. Machinery & Equipment Corp. (Mimeco) of Medley, Fla.; and Sofipo of Moscow, Russia.

R&B Co. distributes underground utility supplies for water, sewer, storm water and fusible pipeline products from its seven locations throughout Northern California.

McElroy Launches New Online University

McElroy is giving their educational branch a new set of online tools.

For more than 30 years, McElroy has been the only pipe fusion machine manufacturer to continuously offer basic and advanced training. McElroy University’s courses have been attended by thousands of students over the years. The training sessions give students the opportunity to become certified in fusion operations or more knowledgeable in the troubleshooting and repair of fusion machines.

McElroy Releases First Pipe Fusion iTunes Application

New McCalc application quickly calculates fusion pressureMcElroy Manufacturing recently introduced the first pipe-fusion-focused Apple iTunes application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The McCalc Fusion Pressure Calculator is a free application that helps a fusion machine operator find the correct fusion pressure calculations for a job.