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UGSI Solutions Acquires PAX Water Technologies

UGSI Solutions Inc. announced the acquisition of PAX Water Technologies.

PAX Water has developed and commercialized potable water tank mixing solutions, as well as expanded its reservoir management technologies into DBP removal aeration systems.

PAX Water Installs In-Tank Aeration at San Jose Water Co.

Richmond, Calif.-based PAX Water Technologies and Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Aqua Metrology Systems unveiled the installation of an in-tank aeration system at San Jose Water Co. The system, installed by Utility Service Group, is being deployed in a 12 million-gal water storage tank to maintain high water quality during the drought.

Stinson Beach Installs Mixer in Potable Water Storage Tank

PAX Water Technologies unveiled the installation of a PAX water mixer in a potable water storage tank operated by Stinson Beach County Water District in Marin, Calif. Located off of Panoramic Highway, the 210,000-gal “Steep Ravine” tank contains potable drinking water for Stinson Beach residents and reserves for emergency situations, such as fires and earthquakes.

PAX Water Technologies Launches Mixer for Small Storage Tanks

PAX Water Technologies announced the launch of the PAX Water Mixer (PWM100) for small water storage tanks. The mixer features a self-install design, allowing the unit to be lowered through the tank hatch, and a vortex flow pattern that is three times more powerful than sheet flow mixers. The mixer can be used to eliminate thermal stratification, reduce residual loss, lower disinfection byproducts and prevent ice formation.

PAX Water Technologies Announces New Engineering Branch

PAX Water Technologies announced the appointment of Elizabeth A. Hirschhorn, P.E. as director of professional engineering. Hirschhorn, a registered civil engineer with 29 years of water industry expertise, will lead PAX Water Solutions—a new engineering arm of PAX Water Technologies that specializes in solving potable water quality issues.

PAX Water Technologies Introduces THM Removal Product at ACE ‘12

PAX Water Technologies will unveil the Trihalomethane Removal System (TRS) at the AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE ‘12) in Dallas, Texas. Designed in partnership with Utility Service Company Inc., the largest tank asset management company in the United States, TRS is a custom-designed aeration system for storage tanks that removes trihalomethanes (THMs) from drinking water to help utilities comply with the EPA’s Stage 2 Disinfectants/Disinfection Byproducts Rule.

PAX Water Technologies Announces Dr. Peter S. Fiske as CEO

Fiske formerly was company’s CTOPAX Water Technologies (PAX), maker of the PAX water mixer, announced Dr. Peter S. Fiske as its CEO.

Fiske has served as the company’s chief technology officer for the past two years in addition to his role as vice president for research and development for parent company, PAX Scientific. Under his leadership, PAX Scientific won a three-year $2 million advanced technology program award from the Department of Commerce to develop innovative high-efficiency mixing and water treatment technology using bio-mimicry.

Utility Service Co., Inc. and PAX Water Technologies, Inc. Announce Partnership

Strategic alliance brings together water storage tank maintenance provider with water mixer manufacturerUtility Service Co., Inc., and PAX Water Technologies, Inc., have announced an exclusive partnership agreement.