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Tool Kit Allows Water Professionals to Install Insertion Valves & Line Stops

EZ Valve permanent insertion valves and temporary line stops may be installed by Advanced Valve Technologies Inc. (AVT) or by water professionals who purchase a complete and compact tool kit. With every tool kit purchase, AVT provides the customer’s team with detailed, hands-on training in the simple, sure and fast process.

Case Studies

Indiana Installation

Mishawaka, Ind.’s water department needed a valve installed on an existing 20-in. trunk line, but some conditions complicated the project. The trunk line had multiple broken valves that would not allow the water department to limit the scope of a service shutdown to the large community of users. The department very much wanted to avoid stopping service to the complete line. This dictated the use of an insertion valve system that could be installed while maintaining full pressure. 


Insertion Valve Keeps Municipality On Time & Under Budget

The village of Lombard, Ill., was in the middle of a major project to add improved water service to an important commercial and residential area. With pipeline extensions well under way, the village planners needed to prepare for the joining of the new components with the existing system.

Tech Reviews

Insertion Valve Can Be Quickly Installed

EZ-Valve can be used two ways: as a permanent valve or as a temporary line stop by simply replacing the valve bonnet with a blind flange. Installation is quick, easy and completed under full line pressure.