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Aerzen USA Shares Continuous Improvement Journey

On June 5, 2013, manufacturers gathered at Aerzen USA in Coatesville, Penn., to hear from Aerzen USA President Pierre Noack and his team about the advantages they are gaining and sustaining through Continuous Improvement efforts.

Aerzen is currently in Phase III of its improvement efforts and to date have realized a potential $3 million in savings.

Aerzen USA Goes Off the Grid

Aerzen USA’s facility in Coatesville, Penn., is now running entirely on energy produced by a solar panel system created by RER Energy Group.

“This is unusual for a manufacturing facility,” said RER Energy Group President Jim Kurtz. “In most cases, solar only provides approximately half or less of a manufacturer's electric needs. But due to Aerzen USA’s emphasis on energy efficiency and the design of the LEED Gold building, the company is achieving this unusually high level.”