Case Studies

Polk County Utilities Stays in Control

Polk County, Florida’s fourth largest county, spans 2,010 sq miles of swampy lowlands between Tampa and Orlando. Known as the lightning capital of the Western Hemisphere, Polk County experiences numerous hurricanes, thunderstorms and a large portion of the state’s one million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes per year. Together, the flat terrain, climate and large geographical area make water service a challenge. Gravity-driven distribution doesn’t work, and power outages frequently disrupt pump operation.

Wireless Alarm System for Wastewater Monitoring

Amherst is a city of about 37,000 situated in the hills of western Massachusetts. Population growth in the area has been steady over the years, almost doubling since 1960.

With the continuous expansion of three college campuses—the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Hampshire College and Amherst College—the infrastructure has grown as well. Jim Laford, division supervisor of Amherst’s wastewater division, has witnessed that growth firsthand. His team is responsible for the integrity and reliability of the entire wastewater system.

PLC and Autodialer Aid Groundwater Remediation

Oil leak cleanup project uses system for data logging and alarm monitoring

A Unique Combination

Evesham Municipal Utilities Authority combines network of autodialers, programmable controllers and remote sensors

Los Angeles County Finds Reliable Pump Monitoring Backup

Backup units provide reliable working data

Dallas Aquarium Increases Animal Protection

The Dallas World Aquarium turned to RACO to ensure the safety of endangered wildlife.