Nut Processor Treats High-Strength Wastewater With Ease

Evidenced by its extensive use in desserts or as a standalone snack, the macadamia nut is favored by many as a high-quality nut. One of the world’s leading producers of these nuts produces more than 15 million lb per year out of its Hawaii processing plant.


Goodbye, Grit

An emerging emphasis at domestic water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) concerns performance in plant headworks. The escalating application of membrane bioreactors (MBRs), specialized pumping equipment and fine bubble diffusers in downstream plant infrastructure drives investment in protective grit removal equipment. An effective grit removal system prevents grit buildup in unit processes, scouring and plugging in lines, and fouling of diffusers and membranes, while preserving the intended service life of the downstream equipment. 

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Advanced Hydraulic Grit Removal Helps Resolve Plant’s Combined Sewer Challenges

The Shamokin Coal Township (Pa.) Joint Sewer Authority’s 2015 treatment plant upgrade and expansion, designed by Great Valley Consultants, centered on two primary goals: long-term control to mitigate overflows emanating from combined sewers and enhanced biological treatment capability. The project also expanded capacity from 7 mgd to 8.5 mgd average daily flows and peak flow conditions from 9 mgd to 13 mgd.

The Challenge

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Sanitary District Benefits From Long-Lasting Pump Stations

When you ask Scarborough (Maine) Sanitary District Superintendent David Hughes what he likes most about his collection system pump stations, he'd tell you, “Absolutely nothing.” Hearing nothing, that is.

“When there's a problem, I end up having to deal with it,” Hughes said. “What I like best about them (is) I don't get involved with them.”


FAST Treatment

Fed up with a wastewater treatment system poorly equipped to deal with variable flow conditions, one retreat and camp facility found a more effective and operator-friendly solution.

The Bishop Hodges Pastoral Center is a year-round West Virginia recreational facility known for hosting camps, business meetings and other social events. From week to week, or even day to day, the number of people on the property can vary significantly.

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MBR System Delivers Water Suitable for Reuse

Smith & Loveless Inc.’s pre-engineered Titan MBR delivers high-quality effluent that is suitable for water reuse for flows up to 3 mgd per tank. It combines the wastewater treatment engineering expertise of Smith & Loveless with the company’s robust flat-plate membranes. Submerged in the aeration section of the Titan MBR, the flat-plate membrane maintains high permeability and flux rates even at peak-day rates.

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Recreating Responsibly

The Bishop Hodges Pastoral Center is a year-round West Virginia recreational facility known for hosting camps, business meetings and other social events. From week to week, or even day to day, the number of people on the property can vary significantly.

“We can go from 10 to 250 [people] in the blink of an eye…and then back to 10 on a moment’s notice,” said Jon DiStefano, maintenance supervisor for the Bishop Hodges Pastoral Center.

The Problem

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Staying Above the Fray

Why do collection system professionals such as Linda Chappius strongly prefer the Smith & Loveless Wet Well Mounted Pump Station instead of submersibles? For starters, the pumps’ above-grade access eliminates confined space entry for routine maintenance.

“You don’t have to be in the wastewater and dealing with all the hazardous situations,” said Chappius, maintenance technician with the City of Perryville, Mo.

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Treatment Systems Offer Effluent Quality in a Variety of Designs

Smith & Loveless offers a complete range of factory-built and packaged wastewater treatment systems, including containerized and field-erected designs, in order to meet strict effluent requirements and other project demands.

Smith & Loveless Schloss Engineered Equipment acquisition headworks

Smith & Loveless Acquires Schloss

Smith & Loveless Inc. has acquired the assets of headworks equipment designer Schloss Engineered Equipment Inc. of Aurora, Colo. The parties agreed not to disclose the terms of the acquisition.

The acquisition expands Smith & Loveless’ offerings for its industry partners and customers. Schloss designs a line of headworks screening, compacting, conveying, washing and dewatering technologies with more than 100 years of operation.

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Operator-Safe Pump Stations Save Maintenance & Labor Costs

Smith & Loveless Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations offer pump maintenance, operator safety and cost savings. 

Featuring packaged, above-grade designs, these stations allow operators to immediately access all mechanical and electrical equipment at ground level—including duplex vertical non-clog pumps, the control panel and all valves—without the use of special safety gear or other precautions that usually go along with accessing confined spaces and wet wells. 

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Clogging Problems From Flushables Get Expelled

Wastewater pump clogging issues caused by “flushables”—consumer products like wipes that are often marketed as safe for flushing—are well documented. But that does not mean they are going away anytime soon. 

A September 2013 Associated Press article, “Popular Bathroom Wipes Blamed for Sewer Clogs,” introduced the issue to a national audience: Pre-moistened wipes and other consumer goods often marketed as flushable are creating pump clogs and sewage backups in collection systems across the nation. 

Frank Weis Smith & Loveless

Water Industry Veteran Dies

Smith & Loveless Inc. announced the passing of Senior Engineering Consultant Frank G. Weis P.E., one of the nation’s longest tenured professional engineers. Weis, whose professional career began at Smith & Loveless Inc. nearly 60 years ago and lasted through 2014, died Jan. 19, 2014 at his home in Kansas City. He was 93.


Water & Wastewater Equipment Manufacturer’s Association Names New Vice Chairman

Frank J. Rebori, president of Smith and Loveless Inc., was named Vice Chairman of the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturer's Association (WWEMA) at their 104th Annual Meeting last weekend in Las Vegas, Nev.

As Vice Chairman, his responsibilities include chairing the association’s strategic planning committee and overseeing its annual Washington Forum event.


California Pump Station Uses Pump Impeller to Prevent Clogs, Bolster Operations

Executives chose the X-PELLER from Smith & Loveless to mitigate blockage from cleaning wipesFor the residential community of Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., durable cleaning wipes turned into a slow-building blockage, preventing its pump stations from operating at their full potential.


Smith and Loveless Release New Grit Removal Product

The PISTA WORKS provides complete screening and grit removal in one packageSmith & Loveless Inc. announced its latest headworks innovation, PISTA WORKS, offering a pre-engineered packaged headworks system combining screening, grit removal and grit washing in one integrated system.


Smith & Loveless Engineer Featured on Local News

Frank Weis honored for contributions to his communityKCTV 5 News, Kansas City’s local CBS affiliate, interviewed Frank Weis for its weekly “Faces of Kansas City” segment, which features prominent Kansas City residents who contribute to the community.


Smith & Loveless Responds to Flooding in Southeast U.S.

Company’s response team comes to victims’ aid in wake of May Tennessee and Kentucky floods The Smith & Loveless Response Team was on site and on call to help victims of the floods caused by the rise of the Cumberland River and other bodies of water in the Southeast on May 1 and 2, 2010. Extensive damage not only ruined homes and property, but it severely affected infrastructure relied upon daily by thousands of people to convey potable and wastewater.

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Town Saves Money, Gains Efficiency with Pump Retrofits

America’s wastewater is conveyed daily by tens of thousands of pump stations, many of which were originally installed in the post-war boom era as our nation rapidly expanded. Many of these original stations still operate throughout the country, mostly in underground, dry-pit configurations. As such, municipalities with older pump stations are ultimately faced with the decisions of replacing them completely or finding less expensive routes through retrofitting internal equipment.

Case Studies

Pump Stations Cut Costs for Florida City

The burgeoning suburb of Pembroke Pines, Fla., boasts a forward-thinking motto: “Join Us and Progress with Us.” It certainly fits because the city is one of the Sunshine State’s 10 largest cities. Nestled just west of Fort Lauderdale and north of Miami, Pembroke Pines is full of sun, sand and something most residents probably never think about: wastewater pump stations—nearly 200 of them.

Yet because of the city’s utility pump station philosophy, staff doesn’t have to worry about them either.