White Papers

Pilot Study Report: Iron and Manganese Removal, Dennis, Massachusetts

During April and May of 2007, Earth Tech Inc. conducted a pilot study examining the effectiveness of potential treatment for iron and manganese removal at several of the Dennis Water District's groundwater supplies.

Report of the Arsenic Pilot Study Conducted at SCWA’s Madison Hill, Montauk, NY Plant.

Hungerford & Terry, Inc. conducted a pilot study at SCWA’s Madison Hill plant, located on Madison Hill Road, Montauk, New York. The purpose of the study was to determine if the arsenic present in Wells 1, 2 and 3A could be reduced to non-detectable concentrations using the naturally occurring iron and a dual media, Greensand Plus and anthracite bed.

Town of Sudlersville - The Chesapeake Maryland Rural Water Association

The old system supplied six residents, the schools, the library and the senior center. The rest of the town had individual wells. Now there are approximately 200 connections. The transformation has been a fairly quick and smooth one.