Frank Caligiuri Hungerford & Terry vice president of sales

Hungerford & Terry Selects Vice President of Sales

Hungerford & Terry Inc. (H&T) announced the appointment of Frank Caligiuri as its new vice president of sales for the 105-year-old employee-owned, water-conditioning purification engineering and manufacturing firm.

Hungerford & Terry Thomas Carrocino President Alan Davis March 2014

Hungerford & Terry Inc. Appoints New President

Hungerford & Terry announced, effective March 20, 2014, Thomas J. Carrocino will be the new president of the water conditioning purification engineering and manufacturing firm.

Case Studies

Shifting Sands

Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM)—located in Sydney, Nova Scotia—has four 10-ft diameter, 18.5-ft straight shell horizontal Hungerford & Terry GreensandPlus filters that treat 1.8 million imperial gpd. The water source is a well containing iron and manganese; the design water analysis has 0.2 mg/L iron and 0.35 mg/L manganese.


Filters Delivered to New Mexico Treatment Plant

Hungerford & Terry has delivered two of the five granulated activated carbon (GAC) filters that will be used for the Buckman Direct Diversion project in Santa Fe, N.M.

The 12-ft-diameter-by-40-ft-long horizontal multicell filters each include a 3,000-cu-ft bed of GAC. The filters are used for pretreatment to the facility’s membrane system, which treats 15 million gal of water per day for the residents and businesses of the Santa Fe metropolitan area. The contract with Hungerford & Terry is reported to be for $2.3 million dollars.


New Treatment Plant Opens in Zanesville, Ohio

A new drinking water treatment facility utilizing eight Hungerford & Terry GreensandPlus water filters has opened in Zanesville, Ohio. This new plant replaces a 25-year-old facility that also used Hungerford & Terry filters.

This plant is engineered to treat 10 million gal per day, which improves upon the 7.5 mgd treated by its predecessor. Additionally, the new facility features two 500,000-gal raw water storage tanks, compared to the one tank that was housed by its predecessor. The total cost of the federal stimulus-funded drinking water treatment plant was $16 million.


Silver Springs Mutual Water Company Wins Award

The Nevada State Drinking Water Revolving Fund Award for Sustainable Health Protection has been awarded to the Silver Springs Mutual Water Company of Silver Springs, Nev. Six 11-ft-diameter filters that are designed to remove arsenic from well water were supplied to the firm by Hungerford & Terry.


Geneva, Ill., Water Treatment Facility Wins Awards

A new 8 million gal per day Black & Veatch engineered drinking water treatment center has received the Project of the Year Award for 2009 and the Public Works Project Excellence Award from the Chicago Chapter of the American Public Works Association.

The facility incorporates pretreatment equipment, designed by Hungerford & Terry, upstream of the reverse osmosis treatment system.


Hungerford & Terry to Supply GAC Filters for Santa Fe, N.M.

Entire project to be complete in 2011
Hungerford & Terry, Inc., is supplying five 12-ft-diameter, 40-ft-long horizontal multi-cell granular activated carbon (GAC) filters, with a 3,000-cu-ft bed of GAC per filter, for pretreatment to the membrane system that treats 15 million gal of water per day for the residents and businesses in Santa Fe, N.M. The contract to Hungerford & Terry is reported to be $2.3 million dollars. The entire Buchman Direct Diversion project is expected to be complete in 2011.


Hungerford & Terry Awarded $2.3-Million Filtration Contract

Company also introducing a new radium removal process at ACE09
Hungerford & Terry has been selected to design and build five 12-ft-diameter by 40-ft-long horizontal, multicell granulated activated carbon (GAC) filters with a 3,000-cu-ft bed of GAS per filter.

Thesa filters will be utilized for pretreatment to a membrane system that will treat 15 million gal of water per day for the residents and businesses in the Santa Fe, N.M., city and county. This contract is reported to be $2.3 million.


Hungerford & Terry, Inc. Appoints Representative for Central & South America

Alejandro Cuper was previously international manager of distribution at KineticoHungerford & Terry, Inc., a leading water conditioning firm since 1909, has appointed Alejandro Cuper as their exclusive representative for Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Central America as of December 2008.