White Papers

Introducing a New ASTM Method for the Determination of Total Nitrogen, and TKN by Calculation, in Water Samples

This paper introduces the new method ASTM D8086-16, which compares favorably with the current U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved calculated total nitrogen in samples without interferences. Utilizing a high-temperature catalytic oxidation (or combustion) total organic carbon analyzer equipped with a total nitrogen (TN) module, ASTM D8083-16 saves laboratories time, uses less reagent and smaller sample volumes, and overcomes several known issues with current total Kjeldahl nitrogen and TN methods.

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The Effectiveness of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) as the Defining Test for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Traditionally, carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (CBOD) has been the defining test to determine the efficiency of wastewater treatment. However, this technique has limitations. This paper examines those issues and addresses how TOC can enhance and someday replace CBOD as the defining test for wastewater treatment plants.