Case Studies

Solving a Die Casting Dilemma

Metaldyne’s Twinsburg, Ohio aluminum die casting plant is a world leader in the production of aluminum valve body castings. To facilitate their process, Metaldyne developed a die casting method that uses a specially-formulated die lubricant, an oil and water emulsion that helps control the temperature of the die as well as the removal of the complex castings during the part ejection process.

A Treatment Plant Fit for São Paulo


The state of São Paulo is the world’s seventh most populous urban area and is considered the economic, financial and technical hub of Brazil. The region contains nearly one-fourth of the country’s population but less than 2% of Brazil’s water.

The state government, recognizing the importance of safeguarding drinking water for the regions inhabitants, recently issued new regulations to restrict the industrial use of potable water, forcing factories to look for ways to reuse their wastewater or obtain recycled water from another source.