Company Provides Solution to January 2006 EPA Arsenic Regulation Compliance

AquaCell Technologies, Inc. a company that markets and manufactures various water filtration and purification products including applications for municipal, industrial and commercial use, announced its Aquacell Water, Inc. subsidiary has received a second order for municipal arsenic removal systems.
Mr. Roger Wagner of Cold Water Canyon Water Company in Black Canyon City, Arizona stated, "It is essential that we supply water to our customers that complies with EPA standards to reduce arsenic in drinking water by the January 23, 2006 compliance date." Wagner continued, "We selected Aquacell Water's arsenic removal system over others to treat all our wells, as we recognize the benefits of having zero wastewater discharge with no on-site chemicals, as required by other companies' technologies."
"We're thrilled with the reception from municipalities for our proprietary arsenic removal systems, said Robert L. Roberts, vice president of engineering and sales of Aquacell Water, Inc. “The system we are manufacturing for our first previously announced arsenic removal system for an unrelated Arizona municipality will be completed and delivered next week."
With compliance for new drinking water standards set by the EPA being required in January 2006, Aquacell Water stands to potentially receive additional orders for arsenic removal systems from other municipalities. It is estimated that it will cost municipalities billions of dollars to upgrade their water systems to comply with EPA regulations to reduce arsenic in drinking water from 50 ppb to 10 ppb.
Aquacell Water, Inc. provides a proprietary water treatment system that can remove arsenic from municipal water systems with zero wastewater discharge, providing a more cost effective way of complying with the new federally imposed regulations. Aquacell Water's systems are designed to operate with minimal operator interface, require no onsite chemicals and have lower capital and operating costs than competing systems.
Aquacell Water has developed leasing programs for municipal water suppliers, and other companies, allowing customers to conserve cash
on hand and extend its payment period at competitive rates.

AquaCell Technologies, Inc.

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