Jul 07, 2016

Syrinix Partners with FATHOM

TrunkMinder, PipeMinder & RADAR solutions launch in online marketplace

Technology, hardware, cloud

Syrinix announced a new partnership with FATHOM Water Management Inc. Syrinix will offer its TrunkMinder, PipeMinder and RADAR solutions through the FATHOM Store, an online marketplace for new technologies for U.S. water utilities.

Syrinix’s TrunkMinder influences the asset and risk management of critical and high consequence pipelines. It is a real-time network monitoring solution, always on and automated with immediate event alerts, such as any detected leaks or breaks, and high resolution pressure and flow data.

PipeMinder, a monitoring hardware, alters the way utility companies calm their networks and reduce leakage and breaks. With a five-year battery life, automated alerts for transients and bursts, and high-resolution data capture, it provides a view of where there is greatest risk of pipeline failure. PipeMinder allows utilities to address underlying causes and actively and substantially reduce leaks and bursts.

RADAR is a cloud-based portal for device set up and data analysis. Its single platform for multiple products provides analytics, reporting and notifications. It comes accompanied with a range of service bundles for additional functionality.

“We are delighted to have TrunkMinder, PipeMinder and RADAR on board for the launch of the FATHOM Store, which we see as a great new opportunity to showcase our innovation to a direct audience,” said Cliff Jones, senior vice president, Syrinix.

The FATHOM Store is a secure data integration platform that connects water utilities with technologies that help assemble business processes, recover revenue and engage with customers. FATHOM’s expert team thoroughly vets each product submitted for consideration to the Store and selects tools that meet FATHOM’s standards for inclusion. Through open application program interfaces (APIs), technology companies can exchange data with FATHOM, as well as utilities, to deliver maximum value.

Utilities can easily access and acquire TrunkMinder, PipeMinder and RADAR without risks.

“Nationwide, more than 56,000 water systems are searching for technologies that can help them make the most efficient use of ever-dwindling resources. Unfortunately, finding, vetting and integrating new technologies demands a level of investment most cannot afford to make—until now,” said Trevor Hill, CEO, FATHOM. “By mitigating the time and financial commitment required to modernize water utilities’ processes, we are propelling the Smart Grid for Water into reality.”

Visit the FATHOM Store at https://store.gwfathom.com.