Coke to Launch a Vitamin-enhanced Bottled Water Line

Coca-Cola plans to add nutrients to a new line of bottled water to be called Dasani Nutriwater, taking on arch-rival PepsiCo's own enhanced Aquifina. This is according to people familiar with the company's plans, the Wall Street Journal reported today.
The drinks will make the two companies competitors in a young category — bottled water with added flavoring or health benefits — that some think has a bright future, the newspaper said in its online edition.
The types of Coke's Dasani Nutriwater include ``Lemon Tangerine,'' for ``bone strength'' — with calcium, magnesium and B vitamins, according to a document sent to retailers, the newspaper said.
Other versions are ``Pear Cucumber'' for ``balancing,'' with B and C vitamins; ``Mandarin Orange'' for ``immunity,'' with vitamin C and zinc; and a ``Wild Berry'' multivitamin version with B, C and E vitamins, the Wall Street Journal said.
PepsiCo reportedly plans to unveil a vitamin-enhanced version of its Aquafina brand sometime next year.
Coke and Pepsi have been investigating different ways to accelerate their fast-growing bottled water and health-oriented drinks businesses, the Wall Street Journal said.
Pepsi was first to introduce a water brand and has the lead, but Coke's Dasani is growing quickly, it said.


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