Nov 19, 2003

Greywater Recycling Manufacturers Meet the 'Sundance Kid'

Closed-Loop Water Recycling System Reduces Residential and Commercial Water Consumption and Wastewater Pollution

Clint and Roberta Elston, owners of Equaris Corp., manufacturers of a water recylcing system, were invited to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Natural Resources Defense Council Robert Redford Office Building in Santa Monica, Calif., on Thursday Nov. 13. The green ribbon was snipped by Redford, an actor and long-time conservationist. The building bears Redford’s name in recognition of his environmental support including being a member of the council’s board since 1975.

Equaris, headquartered in Afton, Minn., with manufacturing facilities in Lakeville, Minn., was selected by the building’s designers and architects to manufacture and install its Greywater Treatment and Water Recycling System because of its ability to treat, filter and disinfect greywater to meet California’s highest standards for water reuse.

The building is one of a handful of structures nationwide built to the country’s highest environmental standards under the LEED Green Building Program. Redford, whose Sundance character’s name graces a ski resort and film festival, was pleased with the results of the entire project. He said, "Right now it’s a very unusual building, but I hope in a few years it will be ordinary."

The Elstons had an opportunity to interact with Redford and answer questions about their innovative technology, which is gaining international attention with installations as far north in Alaska and south in Belize. The entire Equaris Closed-loop Water Recycling System reduces residential and commercial water consumption by 40 to 95 percent and wastewater pollution by 100 percent. This technology eliminates the need for connection to conventional piped water and sewer or septic systems.

Equaris also was selected by HUD under the PATH (Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing) Program to provide its entire Greywater Demonstration and Water Recycling Technology to be installed in a new home being constructed in Las Vegas for the upcoming NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) Convention in January 2004.