Jan 12, 2005

Closing the Door on 2004

The December issue of Water & Wastes Digest…already? I know, I was thinking the same thing—the year has gone by way too fast.
In what has become an annual event, our December Reference Guide reverts to a standard size publication in an effort to provide easier portability, accessibility and storage so that it can find a permanent home among your other reference materials throughout 2005.
This year’s Reference Guide takes on some of the aspects from last year’s model, as well as a couple of new features, one of which is a feature story on the State of the Industry/2005 Industry Forecast appearing on page 16. In order to gauge the strength of the water and wastewater industry from the manufacturers standpoint, Water & Wastes Digest contacted a number of industry executives to get their feedback on the current status of the industry. Additionally, the article reports the executive’s opinions on what can be expected in terms of industry growth in 2005.
Other areas of interest in our 2005 Reference Guide include: Application Stories; Technical Reference Articles; the Top 20 Products from 2004; and a vast Product Compendium, just to name a few.
Compiling the content for the 2005 Reference Guide has indeed been a yearlong project. Sorting through the hundreds of editorial submittals from the past year—from case studies to white papers—has been a daunting task at times. But, we naturally pulled the “best of the best” in honor of our readers so they may use this editorial content to continue to evolve their own education of the water and wastewater industry.
We here at Water & Wastes Digest hope you enjoy our 2005 Reference Guide, and we encourage your phone calls and e-mails throughout the upcoming year to help us plan next year’s Reference Guide.

About the author

Tim Gregorski is editorial director of WWD.