Jul 03, 2008

Clear Water Compliance Acquires KI Environmental

British Columbia, where KI Environmental is based, is experiencing an increase in construction- and infrastructure-related jobs

Clear Water Compliance Services, Inc., Seattle, Wash., which provides high-technology storm water, industrial wastewater, groundwater and sludge dewatering treatment services, announced that it has purchased the water quality consulting and engineering firm KI Environmental Services, Richmond, B.C., Canada.

“The purchase of KI Environmental, a firm already highly respected in British Columbia for its work in protecting water quality, gives us increased expertise and technical know-how to better support growing economies and preserve natural environments,” commented Thomas Leggiere, CEO of Clear Water Compliance Services. Leggiere noted that the acquisition is timely because, over the past two years, British Columbia has experienced an increase of 13,000 construction-related jobs, thanks in part to a large number of infrastructure - improvement projects built in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. In addition, over the same period, the manufacturing sector in British Columbia added an estimated 10,000 new jobs.