Dec 28, 2000

China's State Environmental Protection Agency Plans to Mandate Industrial Water Quality Monitoring Systems

STERLING, Va. -- Sutron Corporation, a worldwide supplier of
real-time data collection, has successfully completed a demonstration project
for the State Environmental Protection Agency of China (SEPA). The agency
intends to require some 500,000 industries in China to purchase such systems to
comply with China's new water quality standards.

The demonstration project included monitoring of the following water quality
parameters: pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, COD, and
TOC. The sensors were connected to Sutron's 8210 Data Recorder and Speech Modem
allowing SEPA to dial into the System and receive real-time data. For this
demonstration project Sutron has been acting as system integrator using sensors
manufactured by other U.S. companies.

SEPA's Vice Minister, Mr. Wang Xinfang, visited Sutron last week and indicated
that SEPA plans to purchase the demonstration system from Sutron. The estimated
amount of the system is $70,000 including the value of Sutron's manufactured
equipment at $5,000.

SEPA indicated it plans to purchase 40 additional systems later this year from
qualifying suppliers based on competitive bidding and then intends to require
about a half-million industries to purchase such systems to comply with the new
water quality standards. The agency plans to eventually manufacture these
systems in China to reduce the cost.

Founded in 1975, Sutron has technical expertise in water management, hydrology,
and meteorology in the field of remote environmental monitoring and control. Its
products and services cover a wide range of water and weather tracking
applications including stream flow and flood monitoring, water quality
monitoring, irrigation control, and weather and rainfall monitoring.

SOURCE: Business Wire