Dec 28, 2000

China Continental in Talks with PepsiCo on Mineral Water Production

China Continental, Inc. subsidiary, Dong Wu Bio Tech Farm, is in discussion with
PepsiCo, Inc. on the possibility of setting up a mineral water production plant
in China. China Continental, Inc. is a holding company with over ten years of
experience in developing turnkey businesses.

''We want to utilize the natural spring resource available in Doug Wu, with a
prominent company in the business, to produce premium bottled and packaged
mineral water that will set it apart from the domestic competitors in China,''
commented Mr. Harry H.H. Ho, chairman of China Continental, Inc. ''In our health
conscious society, this is a very exciting business opportunity.''

Dong Wu intends to produce and process the mineral water with highly
sophisticated membrane techniques and modern equipment supplied by companies in
the United States. The premium bottled mineral water produced is to be marketed
and distributed in China, a significant market for this product, and in
international markets.

Dong Wu Bio Tech Farm covers 406 square kilometers of farmland in the Inner
Mongolia Province and is the largest agricultural genetic farm in China. It has
a source of 5,000 metric tons of natural unpolluted mineral water per day. Tests
were conducted by an internal research institute on the spring water. These
tests have shown that, based on the mineral content in the proper balance for
the human body, this water is of the highest quality known to be sold in China.

Core activities of China Continental include supplying manufacturing technology
on a turnkey basis, high technology manufacturing techniques in primary
industries, and developing and providing technologies in agricultural genetics
and farming.

SOURCE: PR Newswire