Jun 27, 2007

China Becomes Largest Centrifugal Pump Purchaser

By 2010 purchases of centrifugal pumps in China will rise to over $5 billion. At this point, China will surpass the U.S., whose purchases are projected at under $4.9 billion.

These numbers reflect that latest forecasts in the These are the latest forecasts in the McIlvaine online report, Pumps: World Markets.

The top ten purchasers in 2010 will include primarily Asian and European countries:

China- 5,149 ($ Million)
United States- 4,886
Japan- 1,595
India- 1,092
Germany- 1,085
France- 764
United Kingdom- 742
Russia- 742
Brazil- 740
Italy- 680
South Korea- 640

Municipal wastewater represents the largest application in China and in the world. The migration of one billion people in Asia from the countryside to cities is creating huge needs for municipal wastewater treatment plants.

The chemical industry is the second largest application in China and in the world, while power is the third largest application.

In 2007 China has become the leading operator of coal-fired power plants in the world. By 2011 it is projected that China will be operating twice the coal-fired capacity of the U.S. and more than all of Europe combined. China is also developing the manufacturing capability to move beyond the standard water pumps to offer pumps for critical applications.

The U.S. will remain the second largest purchaser of pumps even though there will be a decrease in refining and oil and gas production. Coal-fired power, ethanol and other growth areas will compensate for the segments that are not growing.