Oct 20, 2017

Water Department Seizes Opportunity With Metering Technology

Ohio water utility bolsters service & improves efficiency for customers

Ohio water utility bolsters service & improves efficiency for customers

The winds of change blow strongly through Central Square in Youngstown, Ohio, and with those changes come opportunity. As the city revitalizes its neighborhoods and welcomes new businesses and residents, perhaps no one feels this opportunity more than the Youngstown Water Department. Its 52,000 customers have come to trust the department to improve operations and enhance their service. As indicated by its recent deployment of technology from Sensus, a Xylem brand, it is a responsibility the department takes seriously.

“We have a high level of commitment to our employees and our customers,” said Harry L. Johnson, III, water commissioner, city of Youngstown.

To deliver on this commitment, the department relies on Sensus iPERL water meters and the FlexNet communication network, managed by Sensus Software as a Service. Now, instead of taking time and resources to manually read meters, technicians can access data in real time.

“The attentive customer service and guarantee behind the product was the deciding factor in choosing Sensus for our water management needs,” Johnson said.

With 4,000 iPERL water meters installed—and about 46,000 to go—the city already is reaping benefits from the technology.

“Partnering with Sensus allows us to reallocate roles and responsibilities for our technicians,” Johnson said. “Now we can proactively notify customers as we notice unusual changes in water usage, increasing workflow efficiencies and enhancing customer service.”

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