Jun 28, 2007

As a Small Florida County Grows, Frequent Septage Dumping Becomes Intolerable

In the past, septage haulers in Hernando County, Fla., would dispose of their truck’s odorous contents by offloading it into a field. Because the county was mainly rural, the dumping led to a minimal impact on the surrounding area. As the population grew and the area became more suburban, however, the situation changed.

Local residents filed numerous complaints about the unacceptable odors and possible health hazards caused by the dumping, which in turn led to television and newspaper coverage. At this point, county officials insisted that the Hernando County Wastewater Treatment Facility come up with a better method of septage disposal.

Landis Legg, wastewater plants supervisor of Hernando County Utilities, researched the available options, spoke to other plant managers and drew up a set of specs. Based on the information received, the county decided to purchase a SPIRALIFT SR from Franklin Miller Inc.

The process
The SPIRALIFT SR is a complete turn-key septage receiving system that features dependable operation, easy installation and low operating costs. The system is designed to receive, screen and separate septage solids. A special hauler control station also monitors and authenticates haulers for automated access, and the SPIRALIFT tank and grinder enclosures are constructed of stainless steel.

Once the hauler hooks up to the system, a TASKMASTER Model TT grinder chews up the incoming septage solids. The grinder housing has a special built-in tramp trap to collect heavy solids that can’t be shredded. The septage solids are then screened and washed in the unit’s fully enclosed shaftless spiral screen and conveyed to the unit discharge. The screened liquids then pass into the plant headworks.

In addition to standard functions of the controller, optional support is also available for up to 14 different types of waste. Billing and processing options are provided for each one through the PLC. “The different types of waste must be treated differently,” Legg said. “At our facility, septic waste is pumped by an additional pump station to the wastewater plant’s aerobic digester and any port-o-let waste is pumped to the wastewater plant’s headworks.”

Positive results
Overall, Hernando County officials are pleased with the changes they have seen since installing the SPIRALFIT SR. “We purchased the SPIRALIFT SR because the billing system met our specs,” Legg said. “The equipment’s operating system allows it to run unattended and that, too is a very good feature. The unit works well.”

Sondra Somer is the marketing manager for Franklin Miller Inc. She can be reached at 973/535-9200 or at [email protected].

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