Sep 07, 2010

Simplifying Water Treatment in Saskatchewan

In November 2009 AdEdge was selected by the Resort Village of Kannata Valley (RVKV) to supply an arsenic, iron, manganese and turbidity treatment system for their community in Silton, SK, Canada. A 132-gal-per-minute (gpm) artesian well provides water to 260 connections. Several options were considered based on the need to remove the 1.7-to-2.14-mg/L iron and arsenic from 31 ppb to below the new Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 10 ppb.

An AdEdge AD26 oxidation/ filtration system was selected as the best overall approach to simultaneously remove both contaminants while having a small footprint. Work was closely coordinated with RVKV site to design and permit the treatment system. Appropriate permitting documents were prepared and submitted to the province for approval with the permit being granted in January 2010. The AdEdge scope of work included system design, supply and startup assistance. The AdEdge system was selected based on overall cost, the small footprint and simplicity of operation.

Treatment System

The AdEdge AD26 system treatment train consists of one skid-mounted triplex packaged treatment unit with three vessels in parallel to treat up to 150 gpm. A design filtration rate of 3.98 gpm/sq ft was chosen to allow for filtration of the high level of contaminants including turbidity in a range of 6.34 to 12.0 NTU. The system uses AdEdge manganese dioxide media (AD26) that is excellent for co-contaminant removal. The AD26 automated system is equipped with the AdEdge INGenius PLC, automated butterfly valves, and control panel, and is integrated with chlorine addition and monitoring for process control and disinfection purposes. The system also includes air wash and a complete AdEdge H2Zero recycle/backwash, zero discharge system.

The system is pre-engineered, pre-piped and skid mounted for ease of installation and operation. A continuous free chlorine monitor on the system allows the operator to maintain desired disinfection residual in the distribution system. The AD26 technology has been deployed successfully by AdEdge on many high arsenic, iron and manganese wells to date, including five full-scale U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) arsenic demonstration projects. Installation was completed and the system was officially started up in August 2010.

System Performance

Since operations began, the system has consistently met all EPA MCLs for arsenic, iron and manganese. Arsenic in the treated water has been recorded consistently below detection (less than 2 ppb) and turbidity to 0.014 NTU. Monitoring and periodic sampling of the system is performed by the site's certified operator in accordance with the MDEQ permit.

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