Mar 05, 2021

Secure MetroCloud SCADA Technology Improves Local Villages' Water Management Capabilities

Metropolitan Industries works with the Village of Mokena, IL to upgrade and improve its water management capabilities and security.

MetroCloud can be securely accessed from mobile devices and tablets in addition to onsite terminals.
MetroCloud can be securely accessed from mobile devices and tablets in addition to onsite terminals.

The Village of Mokena, IL was in a situation many municipalities across the country find themselves in today- dealing with aging SCADA infrastructure. The existing infrastructure involved numerous sites, including various water distribution and waste collection sites. After decades of use, the system and equipment were complex, outdated, and insecure. Keeping the software of water systems protected and up to date is just as important as maintaining and upgrading physical equipment.

The Village of Mokena needed help and wanted a partner with knowledge of, and field experience with, SCADA systems to help determine crucial next steps. After working with Metropolitan Industries on a handful of successful projects, Mokena reached out to Metropolitan to move the village’s systems to MetroCloud, Metropolitan’s cloud-based SCADA system.

MetroCloud provides cost-saving benefits for municipal, industrial, and commercial customers looking to inexpensively and reliably monitor their equipment. It offers complete and reliable cloud infrastructure with 99.9% uptime in geographically separated fault-redundant zones. And with our multilayer security system, users are protected against unauthorized access, data breaches, service interruptions, and legal risks.

MetroCloud provides the best in class security and encryption, from the infrastructure to the application. Metrocloud's multi-layered security protocols, from utilizing VPN measurements to enacting setpoint lock codes, go above and beyond to restrict network connection to only authorized users. With a defense in depth approach (and optional multi-factor authentication), Mokena can have peace of mind that their SCADA system has best-in-class security.

The MetroCloud team met with the head operators across the village to gain perspective of the day-to-day operations. Across the two existing SCADA servers, the Mokena system had a 6.5 MGD wastewater treatment plant with seven individual processes to monitor. Additionally, there were (12) lift stations, (2) pump stations, (3) elevated tanks, and (3) meter vaults. The SCADA system also included a variety of communication paths.

Once the full scope of the existing system was understood, the team developed a plan to give Mokena a more reliable, secure, and efficient SCADA system. The proposal focused on updating the main communication hub in the existing SCADA infrastructure and including a redundant MetroCloud connection.


Map overview of MetroCloud sites in Mokena, IL.
Map overview of MetroCloud sites in Mokena, IL.

In order to accomplish this challenge for Mokena, the MetroCloud team needed to tackle their aging Data Highway Plus (DH+) infrastructure.  By adding a communication module to an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400, the MetroCloud team was able to convert the DH+ communication into ethernet traffic for MetroCloud to poll.  To keep the learning curve to a minimum, the MetroCloud team also recreated Mokena’s old SCADA screens 1:1 to add a familiarity to the interface for the operators.

MetroCloud's overall recommendation meant Mokena would avoid the responsibility of maintaining a high level of reliability on unfamiliar computer equipment as well as the unavoidable costs of computer repair and replacement.

MetroCloud was cost-efficient and secure for the village, and they eagerly approved the proposal. The MetroCloud team immediately began converting the existing SCADA system to MetroCloud. The team conducted in-person training sessions to make sure everyone was comfortable with the new MetroCloud SCADA system. Mokena deemed the project a success and is currently using the system knowing that it is more secure and accessible than ever!


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