Dec 17, 2009

Integrated Contaminant Removal

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In early 2008, AdEdge Technologies, Inc. was selected by EcoWater Servisoft in Burton, Ohio, to design, build and startup an integrated treatment system to remove arsenic, iron and manganese levels at the Troyer Water System in Middlefield, Ohio, to below the primary and secondary maximum contaminant levels of 0.010 mg/L, 0.3 mg/L and 0.05 mg/L, respectively. AdEdge first piloted a treatment system in spring 2007 to satisfy Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) requirements. Showing successful pilot results, AdEdge subsequently designed and implemented an AD26 oxidation and filtration system for arsenic, iron and manganese removal. The site has two existing groundwater supply wells with arsenic levels ranging from 13 to 32 ppb and high levels of iron and manganese that serve the manufacturing facility and community. AdEdge worked in conjunction with EcoWater throughout the permitting, installation and start-up phase of the work to provide an automated, skid-mounted AD26 packaged filtration system . The system included a chlorine module and PLC controls and panel. Water quality is shown in the table.

Treatment System
The AdEdge treatment system features a skid-mounted AD26 oxidation and filtration package unit sized for a maximum design flow rate of 150 gpm. The model AD26-3660CS-S-3-AVH utilizes AdEdge’s catalytic AD26 MnO2 media in three carbon steel vessels in parallel configuration. The system is equipped with automated control valves and valve harness, a central control panel with a PLC and a color touch interface screen. System features also include a central hydraulic panel with differential pressure switches, local gauges and flow sensors and totalizers for a complete functioning packaged unit. A hypochlorite feed module was included and controlled by the PLC to aid in the oxidation of iron and manganese. Other ancillary equipment that was integrated with the treatment skid and PLC included a finished water backwash supply connection and corresponding valve programming. It is now one of several of AdEdge AD26 systems permitted by OEPA in Ohio.

System Performance
Commissioned in June 2009, the treatment system utilizes half of the total well pump capacity in order to meet the demand of the facility. The manufacturing facility uses 99% of the water produced as process water. Approximately 150 gpm is being consistently treated, removing arsenic, iron and manganese levels to well below the treatment goals of 0.010 mg/L, 0.3 mg/L and 0.05 mg/L, respectively.

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