Oct 29, 2008

Industrial RO System 2

In the Middle East, fresh water is becoming more and more difficult and expensive to obtain. As a result, countries are investing in alternatives in water purification such as reverse osmosis and desalination.

In May 2007, Pure Aqua successfully supplied a water treatment package consisting of a reverse osmosis (RO) system to produce 200 gpm of product from 250 gpm feed, antiscalant chemical dosing, perchlorination chemical dosing, acid injection and dechlorination dosing systems.

Systems & Process
Feedwater to the system is processed water with raw water TDS of about 1,500 ppm. The system design was based on high rejection of TFC spiral-wound low-fouling membranes.

The RO system was selected from Pure Aqua’s RO-500 Series, model number BW-360K-8680-3. It produces 200 gpm of drinking water with TDS less than 100 mg/L.

The RO unit consists of 5-micron cartridge filters to reduce the feed water silt density index and to limit the SS to 5-micron size.