Nov 30, 2017

Combined Analyzer Outputs Provide More Complete Picture

System uses algorithm & two analyzers for chloramination monitoring

Combined Analyzer Outputs Provide More Complete Picture

Water treatment chemistry can be complex. Knowing how multiple factors in any treatment system work together can be the difference between great water and a world of problems. One area where this is especially true is in the interaction of ammonium and chlorine levels in a chloramination program. Knowing all the relevant levels is just the starting point of determining whether you need to make adjustments.

For many facilities the answer has turned out to be a combination of the Swan AMI Codes II CC disinfectant monitor and the Swan AMI ISE with ammonium electrode.

Analyzers, Outputs Produce Results

The Swan AMI Codes II CC is a versatile colorimetric analyzer that can measure free chlorine, monochloramines and total chlorine, in addition to combined chlorine and pH. The Swan AMI ISE analyzer can be used with a variety of ion-selective electrodes, including fluoride and nitrate, but when used with an ammonium electrode, it provides real-time information on chemical dosing efficiency in the chloramination process.

Both analyzers come as complete systems, pre-mounted on a panel and ready for operation. They come standard with two 4-20 outputs but can be supplied with a third output or even Profibus/Modbus capabilities. When the data of the two analyzers is combined in a SCADA system, the resulting measure ensures proper levels of chlormamine and calculated residual ammonia.

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